A place to belong, and grow . . . 

At LCC we believe that becoming the best version of yourself is done in community. That’s where LifeGroups come in! LifeGroups are just that, groups of people just like you managing their way through life and trying to do so in the name of Jesus. If you have experiences to share and/or want a close community to grow in faith with check out LCC's LifeGroups.

In a LifeGroup, you’ll connect with 6-12 other LCC attenders (or 3-6 couples) and take the conversation to a deeper level. What we’ve seen is that those who are willing to be intentional in finding spiritual community have gained life-long friendships and have grown substantially in their faith.

LifeGroups typically meet in person at a host home in Lincoln or somewhere central for the group members. LifeGroups often meet different days of the week, at a time suitable for the group members, to discuss what it means to live as a follower of Jesus.

New semesters of LifeGroups begin in January and August each year. That’s when most people join a group. But if you’re looking for a group right now, you can always Discipleship Minister Brandon Boyd to try and get connected right away.

Joining a LifeGroup is easy

1. Click Join a LifeGroup below
2. Fill out the new group member form
3. You will be contacted by the leader of a LifeGroup