Jenni Godfrey

Office Administrator/Senior Admin. Assistant


About Jenni

Jenni was born right here in Lincoln but grew up just a hop, skip and a jump away outside of Heyworth, IL growing up with amazing parents, an awesome brother and a lot of fun animals. She and her husband, Eli, live in Heyworth again where both of their parents still reside.

Jenni went to Lincoln Christian College (now LCU, then  LCC; not to be confused with our LCC – Lincoln Christian Church) and majored in Music Ministry. Jenni still loves music and playing the piano but also has many other interests and passions, such as, anything related to people, movies, books, art, languages, traveling, and the outdoors. Currently Jenni serves as the Administrative Assistant for all things youth related here at LCC, which in her opinion is amazing to serve, as a self-proclaimed behind the scenes kind of gal! But if you need to find her, she is easily accessible in the Church Office during the week or at the Student Info Desk (in the corner of the Family Room) on Sunday mornings!