Ten Thousand reasons

The city of Lincoln has a population around 13,000. If all the churches in the City of Lincoln had their high numbers for a Sunday morning, we’d have approximately 3000 people in church. That leaves around 10,000 people who are not attending church anywhere. We have 10,000 Reasons to keep our ministry updated, powerful, and ready to meet the spiritual needs of our community.


This isn’t anything new. We’ve always been this kind of church and with God’s help and your continued heart for the lost, our ministry will continue taking hope to more and more people.


With that in mind, we are presenting the 10,000 Reasons Generosity Campaign beginning this November. The leadership team has concluded that now is the time to address several of our facility challenges. We conducted a feasibility study, gathered thoughtful input, researched options, and have collected estimates. As the result, we believe NOW is the perfect timing for us to move forward for 10,000 Reasons. 

Campaign Calendar


1-2  Twenty-Four Hour Prayer Event

   3  Campaign Launch

10   Challenge Sunday

17   Challenge Sunday

24   Commitment Sunday & Evening Celebration Event


   8   First Fruits Sunday

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise $650,000 over the next three years. So what are the funds going towards?


1) Preserving Our Mission: $325,000

a. Debt Reduction: $100,000 (continue to pay down our debt from our 2005 facility expansion project giving us our family and youth rooms)

b. Take care of what we have: $225,000 (facility repairs, upgrades and restorations to kitchen area roof, a/c replacements, McLean street steps, parking lots recoats, and other priorities)


2) Advance Our Mission: $325,000 taking the next step of faith

a. Reaching out: Worship media upgrades, video streaming, online and social media

b. Protecting our people: Safety/Security needs for our children and families

c. Unfinished business: Internal and exterior signage, carpet projects

d. Beyond ourselves: Lincoln Christian University for campaign leadership support and a community project that may involve an opportunity for service


Any money that comes in above our $650,000 goal will be divided between debt reduction and additional property needs that are felt to be important, but not able to be accomplished in first stage.

We understand that our mission is not about a building, but our building is a major tool for our ministries. We have 10,000 Reasons to keep our place as welcoming as we can.


10,000 reasons Update

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