Re-Gathering Update

Dear Lincoln Christian Church: 


“When will our church reopen?” If you’ve asked that, you’re not alone. Our ministries are still impacting people’s lives. We’re still spreading the gospel. But suspending on campus services was done keeping the welfare of our congregation as our top priority. Returning to our facilities impacts many people of all ages. We want to be wise and discerning so to make the best decisions for all of us. We have important reasons for wanting to resume in-person gatherings as soon as possible. We also have important reasons for moving forward with great care.


Decisions related to church gatherings are very complicated. To reduce the discussion to any single factor (public health, religious freedom, etc.) is to oversimplify it. We are weighing several important factors all at the same time:


  • Our mission as a church and our witness to our community
  • The ever-changing restrictions/guidelines/recommendations from government officials
  • The many different viewpoints and opinions of our congregation
  • What we believe is the best of LCC that would be sacrificed if we return too soon
  • Our desire to have a robust return to worship services without feeling restricted
  • We have hundreds of kids attend our church. We desire to have our children’s ministries available without asking small children to follow unrealistic restrictions
  • Would worship services with singing restrictions still meet our hopes for regathering
  • Finally, LCC is a large church. We know other ministries may open earlier but as we can see, nearly no churches of our size have opened yet. Large church gatherings do not fit within current restricted attendance guidelines.

When we do return to the campus, we know not everyone will be ready to meet in larger communities, and that is okay. Our online gatherings will continue, so we’re leaving the choice to you. You will still be a vital member of the LCC family whether you attend on campus or online.


In keeping with what we believe the Lord is saying to us as leaders of LCC, and the best recommendations from state governmental officials, and our love for you, we believe that a slow and thoughtful return is the wisest thing for us. 


With that, we feel led to have a regathering target of sometime in August 2020. However, we will all need to remain flexible as new Covid-19 information may cause that to be changed. Please, we are asking you to remain patient, remain in prayer for us, and remain online in order to best minister with grace to our Lincoln area.


We know that gathering together is valuable and we look forward to the day when we can all be together again. We love you greatly and miss you much.


Seeking godly timing,



The Leadership team of LCC and Pastor Ron Otto

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